Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love Lost EP

Phokuzd (pronounced focused) reintroduces himself to the Detroit music scene in the Love Lost EP. Without wasting time, he answers in the first track, Toast, “who is Phokuzd?”

The nine track EP doesn’t hesitate to show the multifaceted personality of Phokuzd, who is also known as PITA and TenEightyP. He weaves stories of his life into his lyrics with ease But it isn’t effortless for those who have seen his Facebook page. There he says “this music is just my journey through the eye and space of time.”

The instrumentals produce a dream-like quality that is only aided by Phokuzd vocals. The Love Lost EP shows a wide range of lyrics and instrumentals that make chair dancing an acceptable practice.

Phokuzd, who is part of the Last Real, doesn’t forget the group. In fact, he references it a few times. In Someone Like U he says  “Hopefully […] your next tat say ‘Last Real.’” Other Last Real group members have been busy with individual projects as well. Indian Summer was just released by Klarifeye and TyKoon is steadily working on a follow up to his last project. Together, they will release an album in the future.

This is definitely an EP to pick up while the next projects Phokuzd has in the works. In January, he will be releasing a mixtape called Imaginary Friends with Tykoon. He is also looking to produce several other projects late next year, including Eternal with Rob Doe.

You can connect with Phokuzd on Facebook or on Twitter. If you haven’t already downloaded the EP, which was released in November, it can be found on his Bandcamp Page.

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