Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doc ILLingsworth Releases Bread Winner EP

Doc ILLingsworth delivers a powerful EP that effortlessly blends humor and seriousness. On his Bandcamp page ILLingsworth says he’s “a dude who found he could rhyme words together […],” and found he […] could take sounds and make them into beats. Bread Winner artful exposes his skills as a writer and producer.

ILLingsworth weaves metaphors and imagery into each track painting a picture of life.
The instrumentals support and highlight his rhyming abilities without distraction. Snapshots of Bad Luck, one of the slower tracks, displays ILLingsworth’s thoughtful consideration of life. At the same time ILLingsworth allows his sense of humor to shine through on tracks like Pancakes.

ILLingsworth does not plan on a full length album with this material. But Bread Winner helps his fans remember why they enjoy his music. No doubt we all will patiently wait for ILLingsworth’s next project.

Bread Winner was released on March 1 and is available on Bandcamp. Fans of his music can find him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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